Thanks for being here! I'm Arielle. My background is in public health and research, which has allowed me to tell meaningful stories to advocate for change, both professionally and in my personal life, by bridging scientific literature and community voices.  

Be on the Ballot focuses on the stories of underrepresented groups in office, including women, people of color, and individuals who identify as LGBTQI. I hope readers start seeing themselves in these positions. 

I was inspired to create Be on the Ballot after attending the 2016 Facing Race Conference. During the conference, I was reminded that there are over half a million publicly elected positions in the U.S., yet only 10% are held by people of color and less than 20% are held by women (read more).

I left the meeting frustrated knowing that we will further this lack of inclusion if we aren't intentionally building capacity for others to run by sharing information about running for office, getting real about the influence of money in politics, and challenging the status quo. 

Thank your for visiting and sharing Be on the Ballot with friends and family. If you know a person's story we should share, visit Get in Touch and let us know. 


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Arielle Simoncelli, MPH

Founder, Be on the Ballot

Be on the Ballot is not affiliated with any organization or funding, is non-partisan, and does not support or endorse public officials or candidates for public office. Individuals featured on Be on the Ballot were not paid, or compensated in any way, for their participation. Please contact Be on the Ballot ( for all inquiries. All materials are intended for information purposes only.